Killed bird figures ‘wrong’

Letter to Keith Bryer (via Cape Messenger editor)

Dear Keith, please get your facts straight about the number of birds killed annually. You have multiplied it by almost 10 to artificially boost your point – read here: And spare us the derogatory tags like “alarmists,” “ideologues” and “extremists.” Give us the facts (correctly) and let us make up our own minds. What you do not say at all is what do you propose then is better than wind? Oil? Coal? If you suddenly have this big concern for the environment, how can you in your right mind imply that the latter is more environmentally friendly than wind?


Francois le Roux

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  1. Keith Bryer is a known shill for the oil and gas industry and as such he is paid to spread lies and misinformation about the renewable energy industry. His ‘opinions’ aren’t worth two dead flies!

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