Understanding SA’s bad people

All the controversy over the fake news carried by the Huffington Post South Africa has made one look inwards and at what stories get high hits and whether one should carry opinions which are most definitely not one’s own, such as Cape Messenger’s use of Black Opinion. This is the mouthpiece of the deeply

Zille battle’s horrible timing

LEADERSHIP / April 24, 2017 / BizNews

Dismal political timing for DA’s head-to-head leadership battle

Love or hate our politicians, their very human mistakes are not as easily overlooked as yours or mine – and that’s because they hold the future of our country in their hands. Take e-mail, or even worse

White capital is ‘the enemy’

Who is the enemy of black liberation in South Africa? This is simply one question with only one factual answer. History has indeed predicted our future. The overview of 300 years of historical events in South Africa show that whites and their systems of oppression namely imperialism, colonialism and capitalism (all bred by racism) have

Capturing the Zulu King, the SA way

THOUGHT LEADERS / April 20, 2017 / BizNews

Land Bill’s political value: Is President Zuma trying to capture the Zulu king?

A pertinent theme which has cropped up on Biznews this week is around alternative discourse. Moving away from the ‘Gupta puppet master’ theory, and instead giving President Jacob Zuma these strings.

The French tea leaf analysis

GLOBAL INVESTING / April 19, 2017 / BizNews

France presidential election: What do country risk experts read in the tea leaves?

When assessing how France’s presidential election will turn out, it is a case of “the closer we get, the less we see”. That’s according to the experts at Coface, an international

ANC’s race card ‘won’t work’

NTERVIEWS / April 21, 2017 / BizNews

RW Johnson: ANC’s promotion of racist rhetoric has an even darker side. But it won’t work.

RW Johnson was the star attraction at South African trade union Solidarity’s #StopRacism conference yesterday. And he did not disappoint. The best-selling author, historian and former Oxford don explained