Understanding SA's bad people

Understanding SA’s bad people

26 mins ago CM_Publisher
OPINION All the controversy over the fake news carried by the Huffington Post South Africa has ma…
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26 mins agoUnderstanding SA’s bad people
Zille battle's horrible timing

Zille battle’s horrible timing

45 mins ago CM_Publisher
LEADERSHIP / April 24, 2017 / BizNews Dismal political timing for DA’s head-to-head leadership…
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45 mins agoZille battle’s horrible timing
Ramaphosa comes out closet

Ramaphosa comes out closet

2 hours ago CM_Publisher
LEADERSHIP / April 24, 2017 / BizNews Ramaphosa finally throws hat into the ring, slams Zuptas…
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2 hours agoRamaphosa comes out closet
Heaven is near Bloemfontein

Heaven is near Bloemfontein

2 hours ago CM_Publisher
INTERVIEWS / April 21, 2017 Updated 24 April / BizNews Angus Buchan – How you prepare for 1.7m…
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2 hours agoHeaven is near Bloemfontein
DA rejects more Nkandla upgrades

DA rejects more Nkandla upgrades

4 hours ago CM_Publisher
The Democratic Alliance (DA) rejects any new or further upgrades to the President Jacob Zuma’s Nkand…
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4 hours agoDA rejects more Nkandla upgrades

The French tea leaf analysis

GLOBAL INVESTING / April 19, 2017 / BizNews

France presidential election: What do country risk experts read in the tea leaves?

When assessing how France’s presidential election will turn out, it is a case of “the closer we get, the less we see”. That’s according to the experts at Coface, an international

ANC’s race card ‘won’t work’

NTERVIEWS / April 21, 2017 / BizNews

RW Johnson: ANC’s promotion of racist rhetoric has an even darker side. But it won’t work.

RW Johnson was the star attraction at South African trade union Solidarity’s #StopRacism conference yesterday. And he did not disappoint. The best-selling author, historian and former Oxford don explained

SA’s time close to midnight

THOUGHT LEADERS / June 1, 2015 and republished 21 April 2017 / BizNews

Andrew Donaldson: Asking RW Johnson why SA hasn’t much time left

At 71, RW Johnson has reached a stage in his life when he could care less what cages he rattles. A Rhodes Scholar, historian and journalist, he acts

Basic wage ‘won’t create jobs’

The proposed National Minimum Wage (NMW), due to come into force (http://www.timeslive.co.za/politics/2017/02/08/Minimum-wage-to-come-into-force-in-May-20181) on 1 May 2018, is a quick fix to a systemic problem that will artificially increase salaries for those who already have a job, rather than create more jobs. David Ansara,an independent consultant and policy advisor, wrote this first for the Free Market Foundation website
21 April

The Zille saga can explode

It is the talk in the parliamentary corridors of the Democratic Alliance that former leader Helen Zille – who is, or should be premier of the Western Cape until mid-2019 – is toast after her unfortunate colonialism tweets, but insiders say that the party may be in for a protracted battle. It may be

Eskom ‘wants’ nuke closed book

The DA has been reliably informed that Eskom has applied to the National Treasury Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), Schalk Human, for an exemption from the Standard for Infrastructure Procurement and Delivery Management (SIPDM) – the prescribed procurement standard applicable to the nuclear acquisition. DA MP Gordon Mackay, the party’s energy spokesman writes
20 April 2017