Martin Humphries – CEO – The risk-taker… supporting media independence
Carlene Gordon – Executive Assistant to the Boss – The only person who knows how to manage the boss
Robert Boccia – IT Boss – Likes IT and motorbikes
Guigan van Staden – IT – Types quicker than Usain runs
Theunis Janse van Vuuren – IT – Codes better than the Russians
Zamile Tuswa – IT – Enjoys breaking the enigma code during his lunch break
Zibele Magadla – IT – The sharing expert hash tag
Christopher Humphries – Management Intern – Nobody really knows
Donwald Pressly – the Boss of the Content (business and politics)
Dominique Roberts – Bean Counter – She counts the beans
Sabine Kroll – Designer – The Harkerville forest design guru
Sharon Malherbe – Team dynamics – Our EQ Queen