Presented by The Cape Messenger


30 November 2017

Day 1

08h00    Registration & coffee

08h30 – 08h35 MC Viola Manuel – CEO Water Leapathon

08h35    Introduction:   Mr Martin Humphries – CEO The Cape Messenger

An overview of the series of Water Leapathon events and discussions that will provide context to the summit.

08h40    Opening address:

Case studies from Israel, the USA and Australia on how they are implementing a long- term strategy.

09h10    Session 1 – The Water Crisis: Understanding, measuring and reporting the problem

It will look at the Cape Town Crisis, but will also consider the wider extent of the problem, exploring scenarios for water shortages, the impact on business and the economy.

20 min speaking – 10 min Q and A

09h40   Coffee, and comfort break

10h00 Session 2 – The Water Crisis: Solutions Various speakers.

The session will be facilitated by Martin Humphries

  1. Albert Earthcell – Protection Design and drafting services.
    1. Clearwater System Shipped tanker and land based reverse osmosis
  2. Steve Herbst – MD Prei instrumentation/ Pall Filters.
    1. Purified treated waste water
  3. Fred Platt CEO Accentuate LTD
    1. Infrastructure maintenance, including leak detection technologies
  4. Andrew McGregor ITI, Inc Web
    1. Water solution state for finding water
  5. Neil Parker – Agent and Project Manager Impact free water
    1. Wave energy Technology

With the problem outlined, this session will look at how we deal with it in the long term.

Supply side solutions are one approach, and the discussion will be launched with various long-term solutions being put forward for consideration.

This will be presented by a series of speakers each with 5 mins to present where after their proposed solution will be tested by the facilitator.


11h30    Mayor’s address in association with the Cape Town Press Club – Mayor De Lille

Her speech will include a summary on why they choose the solutions they did as well as report on the efficiency of the tender process.

12h00    Q and A discussion.

Run by the Cape Town Press club

13h00    LUNCH

13h40   Session 3 The Water Crisis: The framework – Mich Neiwoodt GAIA Chief Investment officer

This session will focus on the broad outline required to create a framework in which an asset management fund will have the greatest opportunity for success.  It will include considerations around the practicalities of implementing the framework and consequent solutions. What are the costs?  Do we need to scrap existing regulations or introduce new ones, where does technology come in, and who should supply it? What is the role of PPPs in funding and managing projects.  Important to understand the impact of the policy vacuum.

20 min speaking – 10 min Q and A


14h35   Session 4 Introduction to the sub committees – Adv Mark Nowitz

  1. Legal Subcommittee
  2. Technical Subcommittee
  3. Communication and Citizen Engagement Subcommittee
  4. 4th IR, innovation and skills Subcommittee
  5. Research and Development on the science of water Subcommittee
  6. Funding and Investment Subcommittee

15h00 Closing and thanks


1 Dec 2017

Day 2

08h00    Registration & coffee

09h00    Recap of Day 1:   Viola Manuel

09h10   Session 5 The Water Crisis: The ethos of water abundance – Dr Anthony Turton

This session will focus on the ethos of water abundance and how this new way of thinking will influence the new water economy in terms of job creation and poverty reduction.

20 min speaking – 10 min Q and A

 09h40   Introduction to the work being done by the sub committees

At this time all the chairs of the various sub committees will be Introduced.

10h15   Coffee, and comfort break

10h30   Sub committees meet

13h00    LUNCH


14h00    Feedback from the sub committees

15h30    Session 4 The Water Crisis: Where to from here? Mr Martin Humphries

This crisis Summit to Success conference must set the targets and the agenda for a three-year work programme, the Water Leapathon.   This final session will outline the Leapathon process, and reach agreement on the next steps and priorities.  An awards ceremony will be launched for 2018. Awards will be given to the stakeholders who have done impressive work in long term water solutions, corporates who have done more than expected etc.

16.00     Closing and Thanks

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