Poorer voted for Brexit: Analyst

People without money voted Brexit argues risk analyst Rachel McLaughlin at the Cape Messenger/Omega Investment Research Brexit Workshop being held in Cape Town today
By Donwald Pressly, Editor of Cape Messenger
29 June 2016 – People with money tended to “vote in” while those that didn’t and felt disenfranchised by Britain’s link to the European

The UK/EU Referendum – Looking at the Polls This Week

The campaign for Britain to REMAIN in the EU had a clear lead over the LEAVE campaign. Ipso’s Mori  poll found the REMAIN camp has an 18% lead over the LEAVE campaign, while a YouGov survey found REMAIN has 44% support against the LEAVE campaign’s 40%.
Done Deal? Not in the world of opinion polls.

Brexit: Nail-biting to the finish

Cape Messenger publisher Denis Worrall considers the nail-biting campaign leading to the United Kingdom voting on whether or not to stay in the European Union
On Saturday, in the biggest day of the EU referendum campaign so far, David Cameron, Boris Johnson, and Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Opposition, have all addressed rallies in different parts

BREXIT Workshop – Cape Town – 29 June 2016

Cape Town 
This event is not a conference. It is a workshop, and a workshop with a difference. It is highly-focused and committed to investigating all aspects of Brexit and all possible implications for South Africa and the UK and Europe.
Given the closeness of the Brexit poll, with