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Parents protect school from thugs

Parents defend school from protesters
“We are fighting for development but we don’t want our infrastructure to be demolished by those with criminal intentions.” Cape Messenger republishes this GroundUp article as it inspires confidence for – and in – people who resist thuggery


Half-naked protester at UCT


UCT convocation descends into chaos
Insults, shouting and disruptions mar debate of no confidence in executive of the University of Cape Town. GroundUp, the Cape Town website, reports on the convocation at which a vote of no confidence was proposed in the vice-chancellor, Dr Max Price, and his management team.

Send spare eggs abroad

Don’t hold your breath for the annual January 8 Statement by the African National Congress. Perhaps it is time to liquidate whatever South African assets you have (or reasonably can) and convert them into foreign – or foreign currency denominated – investments. But you may only have Friday to do it. Cape Messenger editor

CT water use a wee down

While the efforts of large sections of the population to save water are clear, the fact that we are not hitting our targets shows that there are still residents who are not using the resource as responsibly as they should be, given the current water shortage. The City of Cape Town’s media desk reports
4 January

The story of Sarah and growth

Without economic growth, you can’t end poverty. The world is full of clichés. One to question proclaims that “economic growth is only good if it benefits everyone.” Really? James Peron of the Free Market Foundation and the Moorfield Storey Institute reports
4 January 2017 – Sarah lives out in the middle of nowhere. She grows vegetables

Eskom, Exxaro row over BEE

The coal mining company, Exxaro Resources, has announced that it approved a transaction which would result in its majority black ownership stake declining from 50% to 30%. Exxaro is Eskom’s largest coal supplier and has 50.19% black ownership under the company, Main Street 333 Proprietary Limited. Black Opinion reports

4 January 2017 – The