Mayor leads rain prayers at mountain

The following speech was delivered by City of Cape Town Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille, at the inter-faith prayers for rain gathering on Table Mountain on Thursday. The City of Cape Town’s media desk reports
26 May 2017 – Thank you all for joining me today in what is a difficult time for Capetonians and the

DA set to retain Beaufort West power

The Democratic Alliance has won a pivotal by-election in the oldest municipality in South Africa, Beaufort West. The seat was vacated by the DA mayor Djorge Malooi in February, which reduced the DA coalition to six seats, matching that of the ANC, which had previously controlled the municipality. The by-election win means the DA will

State capture ‘is a herring’: Black Opinion

Lack of political literacy amongst the South African population has resulted in the misconception of political lobbying. The white owned media has capitalized on this and coined the term “State Capture”. This term has propagated a false narrative of a fictional enemy in order to keep the population focused on someone else but the actual

You’ll be jailed, Molefe told

INTERVIEWS / May 19, 2017 / BizNews

Paul O’Sullivan promises a Selebi repeat for Brian Molefe: “I’ll put him in jail.”

Fearless South African forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan is at his feisty best in this interview at a London pub called the King’s Head. He is promising to “do a Selebi” on

Curved balls thrown at Indy

THOUGHT LEADERS / May 18, 2017 / BizNews

Ed Herbst: Following Molefe article, another Indy editor bites the dust

Journalists and editors form a key part of the lifeblood of any democracy – and when they start losing their jobs for various reasons, it’s time to worry. It can also be easy

Taking journalism on rocky ride

The moral dilemmas of embedded journalism
I was excited to go on a police ride-along but by the end of it I wondered if I’d compromised my ethics

Journalists surround a young man apprehended by police. Photo: Ashraf Hendricks
By Ashraf Hendricks
18 May