Dementia takes toll on UK poll

SPONSORED / May 26, 2017 / BizNews

UK election u-turns: Swinging between ‘dementia tax’, Brexit and expats

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By Mike Potts*
28 May 2017 – Predicting the outcome of the UK elections after the release of the Labour

SA suffering from ‘capitalist crisis’

Understanding the battle against White Monopoly Capital: lessons from Zimbabwe

In the following piece, the Zimbabwean Marxist scholar and activist, with direct experience of the struggle in Zimbabwe, offers the South African left forces some lessons from Zimbabwe. The political economy analysis provided here is one of the most significant

Wind of change blasts KwaZulu Natal

LEADERSHIP / May 25, 2017 / BizNews

Donwald Pressly: Wind of political change as ANC crushed in Nqutu poll

Is the news that the Inkatha Freedom Party snatched back power in Nqutu yet more fuel to the speculation that the African National Congress will find a way to remove current President Jacob

ANC crushed in Nqutu poll

The Inkatha Freedom Party has won a runaway victory in the critical Nqutu general municipal by-election in KwaZulu Natal winning 19 of the 33 seats on the council. Although the run-up to the election saw a turbo-charged campaign by the African National Congress, it managed to clinch only three ward seats in the municipality, although it picked

Zuma’s shuffle hypocrisy exposed

THOUGHT LEADERS / May 25, 2017 / BizNews

MUST READ: The hypocrisy of Zuma’s cabinet-reshuffle exposed

It would seem that mum’s the word for Msholozi right now, whether it be reasons for recalling Gordhan and Jonas from their international roadshow (sub judice) or whether he paid fringe benefit taxes on his non-security

SABC uses power ‘to fuel racism’: Ed Herbst

UNDICTATED / May 23, 2017

Ed Herbst: Using the power of television to fuel racism, prop up a corrupt govt

If you’re an SABC television viewer and believe that White Afrikaner farmers are cruel and inhuman when it comes to labourers stepping out of line, stealing or misbehaving, Ed Herbst explains exactly