Dementia takes toll on UK poll

Dementia takes toll on UK poll

2 hours ago CM_Publisher
SPONSORED / May 26, 2017 / BizNews UK election u-turns: Swinging between ‘dementia tax’, Brexit…
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2 hours agoDementia takes toll on UK poll
How Saffers use cryto-currency

How Saffers use cryto-currency

3 hours ago CM_Publisher
How South Africans use their Bitcoin My Broadband's Jamie McKane reports on South African usage o…
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3 hours agoHow Saffers use cryto-currency
Gupta plan to 'resettle' Zuma

Gupta plan to ‘resettle’ Zuma

3 hours ago CM_Publisher
Gupta plan to resettle Zuma and his family in Dubai My Broadband reports that there has been a pl…
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3 hours agoGupta plan to ‘resettle’ Zuma
Mayor leads rain prayers at mountain

Mayor leads rain prayers at mountain

2 days ago CM_Publisher
The following speech was delivered by City of Cape Town Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille, at the i…
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2 days agoMayor leads rain prayers at mountain
SA suffering from 'capitalist crisis'

SA suffering from ‘capitalist crisis’

2 days ago CM_Publisher
Understanding the battle against White Monopoly Capital: lessons from Zimbabwe In…
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2 days agoSA suffering from ‘capitalist crisis’

SOEs ‘sacrificing prosperity’

The trend worldwide is for wealthier countries to have large governments. South Africa has a government larger than expected and still growing steadily. The international trend for poorer countries is to have many SOEs, and government investment a larger fraction of the total. South Africa has more SOEs and government investment than is normal for

Pravin takes Eskom to task

Former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s appearance at a Parliament grilling of the Eskom board and Minister Lynne Brown yesterday seemed quite symbolic. Pictures of him started circulating on social media as he walked in – the Twitterati then wondered what would happen next. What did follow was a refreshing display of Parliament at work. Gordhan outshone

SABC uses power ‘to fuel racism’: Ed Herbst

UNDICTATED / May 23, 2017

Ed Herbst: Using the power of television to fuel racism, prop up a corrupt govt

If you’re an SABC television viewer and believe that White Afrikaner farmers are cruel and inhuman when it comes to labourers stepping out of line, stealing or misbehaving, Ed Herbst explains exactly

Farm workers ‘dumped’

Farm labourers dumped in remote town after wage dispute
“It is unfortunate that in this age people are still being treated like animals.”

These men were dumped in a remote town after a wage dispute with a farmer. Photo: Joseph Chirume
By Joseph

JHB budget ‘directed at poor’

Joburg’s new budget claims to benefit the poor
Mayoral committee member Rabelani Dagada explains how R56 billion will be spent in coming year

EFF Johannesburg chairman Musa Novela, pictured on the screen in the Joburg city council’s new R360m chambers, questions City Speaker Vasco

Land imbizo: No whites allowed

Black First Land First (BLF) president, Andile Mngxitama told journalists on Tuesday that white people are not invited to a land gathering that the movement is organising. Black Opinion reports
24 May 2017 – “White people must not come unless they are coming to give us our land back,” Mngxitama said, answering a question from